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Terms and conditions

Users will have to login to have full access to music both download and streaming and some services provided by 2muzik.Unless the user logins, they will be forced to windowshop and check available tracks hence no downloading and streaming even voting or likes to the artist. Note that your account details are secured to the extent that they cant be accessed by everyone including the administrator.

For any updates of your account please go to the settings tab and edit your details if there was a mistake on first time registration. Registration is done inorder to easily capture artist-user information.

For more about an artist refer to the artists tab were all details including biography,discography and contact of an artist is written their.

Streaming and downloads are to the benefits of both users and artists

Note that your phone numbers are taken to help you when you will forget your username and password which shall be used to contact you to reset and create a new password.

Top ten music list on the music tab is graded according to number of downloads of an artist hence therefore the greater the number of downloads the higher the chance of being in the top 10 list.Those artists whom their music shall be found in the top 3 list,they shall be promoted as a form of apreciation.

Lastly be aware that your music shall be fully sorted and a download counter shall indicate the number of people downloaded your trucks and be free to share this web link to people for more downloads

For any comments and suggestions visit the comment tab and share your ideas on how we can improve our website and things that shall make you happy upon using our website.